We have successfully been executing projects in Libya since 2011 delivering quantifiable, demonstrable projects on behalf of our international clients. As a locally and UK registered company with a broad international bias we deliver client driven, tailor made solutions. Despite the continuing problems facing Libya we remain focused on working with our partner clients to deliver their objectives.

Working across the oil, gas, power generation, infrastructure, manpower supply, medical and security sectors we continue to offer real world solutions in this most difficult of environments.

There is no 'off the peg' solution to the Libyan commercial market it requires in-depth understanding, experience, unique in country contact bases and ever evolving commercial acumen to deliver meaningful solutions, results and successes. Whilst western expertise is a critical solution to many of Libya’s problems it is essential that it is matched to local knowledge, resource and assistance.

Please review some of our most recent case studies where, thereafter, we would be happy to provide additional information.

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Contract Management

Contract Management

Power Generation - Ongoing

We were engaged by the prime contractor to provide a complete Libyan technical operational team to include electrical and mechanical engineers and HR functions for an infrastructure project in the West and South of Libya. A key element was operational excellence and compliance with corporate global standards. 

Asset Recovery

Asset Recovery

Oil and Gas | 2016

We were required to manage a complex de-rigging, transportation, packaging and storage of the client's equipment prior to shipment out of Libya. This problem was made complex due to a fractious and volatile relationship with the client partner as well as the asset location. International insurance requirements was a key element of this project.

Risk Mitigation

Risk Mitigation

Hospitality Sector | Ongoing

Multiple clients have been engaged with who required country specific support to allow them to develop start up operation and thereafter continuity in Libya, a major consideration was brand protection and the clear demonstration of due diligence protocols along with crisis, disaster, emergency and business continuity planning.



About Us

The Eclipse Group offers a broad range of services in Libya from manpower provision, asset recovery, Governmental agency support, specialist and technical services and more. Our consultants are highly trained, experienced, focused professionals that offer a service that is second to none. In addition, our team are fluent in English, Arabic, Italian and French. We work across all sectors including oil and gas, power generation, construction, security, manpower supply, recruitment and the hospitality sector, we either work as the main partner, main contractor or key sub contractor.

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