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Pacman Evolves Into Gambling Two things have evolved over the past thirty years and reached unbelievable levels of popularity, the Pacman arcade game, and casino gambling. creators of Pacman may have never envisioned that the two would come together. Pacman became a hit in the eighties as one of the most played video games in […]

Gamblers Puzzled

Oscars Predictions For 2011 Have Gamblers Puzzled It is Oscar week in California and that means that many of the top celebrities in the world are starting to congregate in Hollywood. The Academy Awards ceremony takes place on Sunday night at the Kodak Theatre, but betting on the event has already started at sports books […]

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Oprah Winfrey Last Show Gift Betting Props At Online Sportsbooks Play Now at Cherry Red Casino! Oprah Winfrey has been a staple in the afternoon television industry for over two decades, but recently she acknowledged that her award winning daytime show will come to an end next year. The announcement has prompted online sportsbooks to […]

Online Gambling Sites

Online Gambling Sites Targeting Women More Often Play Now at Rushmore Casino! The ever-growing world of online gambling is not isolated to just men gamblers. An increasing number of gamblers on the Internet are women, prompting some sites to target the ladies in their attempt to grow their clientele. Women are not as likely as […]